Designing futures
success with you

Studio KU is a creative studio crafting smashing brand experiences. Driven by the firm commitment to deliver, we create meaningful design and strong concepts that makes ambitious brands shine.

We can help you with
— Creative direction for projects and teams
— Creating brand experiences that engage
— Developing brand and visual identities
— Shaping a creative orgnisation and team
— Advise for maximum brand impact
— Ensuring coherent branding on all touchpoints

We focus on things we know best (creative direction, design and concepts). For all other things we have developed a great network of brilliant minds that helps us out. Our clients get the capabilities of a big agency, with the agility of a small studio.



Where the magic happens

Crafting experiences that heps our clients push forward requires a combination of things to make magic happen.

What we do has to be meaningful and inspiring to be able to engage. A true story is always at the core. Work also has to to be futures ready. Futures (in plural) because there is not only one pre-determined or set in stone future scenario, but a range of possible futures.

It's in this intersection experiences that makes hearts beat faster are made.


Partnering with selected, ambitious organisations.
Both big and small. Local and global.

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